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 The Hobie 16 (H16) is a popular catamaran manufactured by the Hobie Cat Company for racing and day sailing. Introduced in 1972, the Hobie 16 is the second largest boat fleet in the world, with over 109,000 boats built to date. But enough of the boring stuff (like facts)... 

Geraldton Yacht Club hosts a small, yet very dedicated, fleet of Hobie 16s. Their colourful sails can often be seen in Champion Bay as they scream along the coastline (yes, they do like to go quick).

The Hobie Cat is not for the faint hearted, just ask any of the members who sail in this class. They will tell you just how fast, furious and insane these boats can be. Then they’ll tell you it’s the most fun you’ll ever have swinging off a mast with nothing but fibreglass and trampoline mat to stand on.
Taking a morning to crew on one of these is well worth the time, and adrenaline, and may just lead to a new obsession for you. The Skippers of these Catamarans are usually more than happy to take you out, string you up, and scare the hell out of you, all for the feel of the wind in their hair, and the sound of ‘YeeeaaaahhhhaaaaaarrrrRGH!!!’.

To find out more about sailing at the Geraldton Yacht Club, contact the club on (08) 9964 1664 or email them at admin@gycwa.com.au

You are also more than welcome to visit the club on Sunday mornings from October to May to check out what's going on. 



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