SailPass Membership

Like all sporting clubs, there are fees associated with being part of the Club, using its facilities and competing.  At GYC we make it easy and affordable for potential new members to try out sailing and our facilities without having to join the club immediately.
The Club provides a Sail Pass Membership three times for free and then at a minimal cost that enables guests to sail at the club and then to use the clubhouse facilities after the race.

If you enjoy your experience you can then join as a Full Senior Member and/or Crew Member.


How the SailPass Membership works

For Non Members:

  • The first three (1-3) day passes                                   $0 for each day pass
  • Thereafter to a maximum of 20 day passes              $15 for each day pass

Why it is important for guests to be registered as a SailPass Member

If GYC has no record of guests being out on the water on that day this will make life very difficult in the event of an emergency – in addition they will have NO PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE COVER.


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